The Girl Before viewers gobsmacked by BBC dramas killer plot twist: ‘No way!’

The Girl Before: Trailer for new BBC psychological thriller series

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The Girl Before is the BBC’s new psychological thriller, which is led by former EastEnders star Jessica Plummer, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ben Hardy and David Oyelowo. The thriller follows the story of a house and its occupants three years apart, but as secrets unfold, trouble seems to follow. During the final episode of the four-part series, viewers were left stunned with the final plot twist of the series, taking to social media to express their shock.

During Wednesday night final episode, viewers saw Edward (Monkford) find out that Jane (Cavendish) was doing her own investigation on Emma’s (Matthews) death.

She also revealed to him she was pregnant with his baby, to which he became angry and ended up turning on Jane. 

Jane also found out that her computer had been hacked, and she was being watched through cameras in the wall, storming into Edward’s office and laying into him.

Emma revealed to her ex-boyfriend Simon (Wakefield) that it was their friend Saul who had raped and filmed her and not the burglar who she initially reported to the police.

Simon comforted Emma and promised to keep her safe, which ended up coming true when another burglar tried to break into her home.

However, Simon took his promise too far and ended up breaking into the house once again without Emma realising.

He revealed he had been sleeping in the service cupboard to “protect” her, but when she asked him to leave, he leapt into a jealous rage.

As Emma tried to walk away and call the police, Simon grabbed at her neck, screaming he loved her, before letting go as she fell to her death.

Later in the episode, Simon visited Jane, but it wasn’t before long that Jane realised he was the one who killed Emma, and before she could call anyone, Simon flipped on her too.

Chasing her through the house, Jane ran upstairs to the secret room she had found in previous episodes. 

As she emerged, Simon wrapped her arms around her neck, but she soon managed to fight him off.

Simon clung to her pearl necklace however it snapped in their hands, and he fell to his death, right where he killed Emma.

Near the end of the episode, Jane left Edward a letter and the key to the house, explaining they can’t be together until he sorts through his own issues.

Expressing their surprise at the killer twist, Twitter user @ifeelflames wrote: “Jane get the f**k away from him!! #TheGirlBefore.”

@amz07 commented: “Omg, what a twist… #TheGirlBefore.”

@Cafffeeholic_ added: “Omg, I was right Simon does kill her! #TheGirlBefore.”

@fluffyjisoo stated: “Well, it was Simon all along! #TheGirlBefore.” 

@steph_janine echoed: “No way, so Simon kills Emma… what a psycho he turned out to be, and he’s been sleeping in the service cupboard! #TheGirlBefore.”

@Salfordmanda tweeted: “Actually didn’t see that coming! #TheGirlBefore.” (sic)

All episodes of The Girl Before is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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