The Chase’s Bradley Walsh stunned by what potato addict will spend winnings on

Bradley Walsh was stunned on tonight's The Chase when a contestant revealed what he would spend any potential winnings on.

Chris, from Bolton, revealed he likes foraging in the woods for herbs, weeds, and his favourite food – potatoes.

The self-confessed "potato addict" admitted he enjoys 20 spuds with a roast dinner because of their "healing properties".

Bradley jokingly asked the marketing assistant if he would buy some potatoes with any prize money.

Revealing what he would buy, Chris replied: "Get a big field. I’ve been on a waiting list for an allotment for 10 years. It’s impossible.

"I want to bribe someone to get a big allotment or field and fill it with potatoes."

Brad wanted to help him get his allotment, but couldn't stop giggling at the thought.

The presenter said: "You’re the first person to come on this show and ask for money for an allotment."

He also asked Chris to send him some potatoes once he was up and running.

When Chaser Paul Sinha gave his large offer, The Sinnerman joked: "That's a lot of spuds – £30,000."

Unfortunately, Chris was caught by The Chaser and for him the game was over.

With his allotment dreams in tatters, Bradley said: "Chris, I'm sorry to lose you mate. I hope you get your allotment. I think you’ll be very good at potato farming."

The Chase viewers took to Twitter after Chris' potato confession.

One viewer said: "Normally on #TheChase I'm annoyed when the guy takes the lowest offer, today I'm disturbed by the guy actually saying he eats 20 potatoes with a roast."

"Hes a fully paid up member of the potato advisory board," added another.

A third said: "If Chris likes potatoes so much he should change his name to crisp…."

*The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm

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