The Biggest Snubs of the 2019 Emmy Awards

Every year, shortly before the Emmy Awards air, television fans debate the merit of the nominees. With only a set number of nominations to hand out, someone is inevitably left off the coveted list of potential winners. The 2019 Emmy Awards are no different. This year’s nominees were announced back in July. Now, with the show less than two weeks away fans are chattering about who will take home the top prizes. While there are plenty of great shows and great stars acknowledged by the academy, there are a few shows and stars who have been left off the list entirely. You might be surprised to find out who the most significant surprise snubs of the year are.

Theacademy isn’t into The MaskedSinger

T-Pain may have won the first season of The Masked Singer, but the academy doesn’t think the show was worthy of a nomination. Many industry experts were surprised to see the ratings juggernaut left out of the nominations For Outstanding Competition Program.  

The Masked Singer isn’t the only singingcompetition that was snubbed. The 2019 nominees for the category are decidedlynot musical. The Voice is the only singing competition nominated. Ithas been nominated every year since 2012, though. This year, TheVoice will go up against The Amazing RaceNailedIt!Top ChefRuPaul’s Drag Race, and AmericanNinja Warrior.

The Pose actresses are still being snubbed

Last year Pose wasleft entirely out in the cold during Emmy season. The groundbreaking showreceived zero nominations at the 2018 Emmy Awards. Things have changed a bitthis year, but the show’s stars are still being left out of the categories thatmany people believe they should be dominating.

The show is being honored in several categories, but the trio of leading actors have been left on the sidelines. Mj Rodriquez, Indya Moore and Dominique Jackson failed to receive individual nominations. Essence notes that this isn’t the first time people of color have been left out for individualized awards.

Pose will, however, be competing in the Outstanding Drama Series category. It will go up against Better Call SaulBodyguardGame of ThronesKilling EveOzarksSuccession and This is Us. While all of the nominated shows are hits, many believe that Game of Thrones’ half-hearted final season probably doesn’t deserve the win. Ozarks and Succession are both profoundly dark and intense. Pose is the actual unique star in the crowd.

Billions is left out yet again

The Outstanding Drama Series category is undoubtedlystacked with talent. Any one of the nominated shows would make an acceptablewinner, but there is one show that keeps getting left out of the running, timeand time again. Billions is utterly absent from the category,and fans are hopping mad about it.

Billions, for those not in the know, airs on Showtime. The series follows the world of high finance and explores what happens when a political figure goes head-to-head with a hedge fund king. Loosely based on real events, the show is timely, expertly written and intensely acted. While it has received nominations from other committees, the show hasn’t yet won over the Television Academy. There is always next year.

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