Sweet Tooth is going to end after season 3 on Netflix

Sweet Tooth Season 2 trailer on Netflix

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth made a comeback for season two and now the post-apocalyptic drama has been officially renewed for a third season by Netflix.

But the news is bittersweet as it has been confirmed that series three will be the show’s third and final outing.

So why is the show ending? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why will Sweet Tooth end after season three?

It is thought that the reason behind the show’s cancellation is the fact Sweet Tooth will naturally reach its conclusion after the upcoming season.

The drama has been following the plot of the comic books of the same name, with most of the storylines now covered.

So the creators ultimately decided Sweet Tooth should be brought to an end as a result.

Creator and executive producer Jim Mickle said: “In a lot of ways, it’s exactly the story that I imagined we would tell and in a lot of ways it takes on its own life.

“At the beginning, I think you set out to tell these landmark pieces of Gus’ story and the big pieces of the comic book, but the beauty of long-form storytelling and Gus’ journey over 24 episodes is the characters themselves tell you what they want to be.

“The crew and cast bring so much depth and point of view to who the characters are and where they’ve come from and where they’re going.

“Season three is an arctic story with exciting new adventures and what we hope will be a satisfying conclusion to this epic tale.

“Gus is going to see a side of the world and humanity that he didn’t see in season one or two.”

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The news of the drama’s renewal may have just come out but the cast and crew have been quietly busy at work.

Filming for series three has already wrapped up in New Zealand so subscribers could get the latest episodes sooner than they think.

The main cast is expected to return with Rosaline Cnao and Amy Seitmetz being promoted to series regulars as Zhang and Birdie respectively.

The Expanse star Cara Gee and Nuka’s Avazhan Dalabayeva will also be joining as series regulars.

Sweet Tooth returned for its second outing in April 2023, where Gus and his hybrid children friends are held prisoner by General Abbot (Neil Sandilands).

Working on the orders of Dr Singh (Adeel Akhtar), it is the General’s job to perform experiments on the youngsters in the hope of finding a cure for the disease that is killing off the population.

Gus agrees to work with Dr Singh to protect his friends and so he starts to learn all there is about his past, including his absent mum Birdie (Amy Seimetz).

Thankfully, the hybrid children are able to escape and their journey will now take them to Alaska as Gus hopes to reconnect with his mum.

Sweet Tooth is available to watch on Netflix.

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