Susanna Reid shares photo of painful ‘mid life crisis’ ear piercing and says she’s ‘rebelling’ – The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain host Susanna Reid has embraced her 'mid-life' crisis – with a 'thrillingly wild' ear piercing.

The presenter posted the picture on her social media showing off her new ear accessory 'channelling her teen spirit'.

The rebelling brunette has gone 'wild' and showed her 'crazy' side by having the piercing.

She shared the pic of her lobe with her 421k followers and wrote: "Channelling my teen spirit – with a mid-life piercing ❣️."

The 48-year-old explained to The Daily Mail: " My 49th birthday is fast approaching and I wanted to join all those women smashing the stereotype of how a woman should behave and look when she reaches a certain age.

"But for now, I’m sticking with this quiet form of rebellion — it’s cheaper than a sports car and more publicly acceptable than surgery."

She goes onto say that Piers Morgan hates her tea-total lifestyle and calls her a 'girly swot'.

She continued: "It adds a subtle extra sparkle to my appearance and feels thrillingly wild, especially at an age when I’m supposed to be sensible.

"I could get a taste for rebellion."

The presenter recently shared a picture of her at school looking unrecognisable.

The ITV breakfast show revealed school photos of its presenters but Susanna shocked viewers with her photo.

Viewers commented how glam the brunette looked in the vintage old school picture.

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