Stacey faces return to prison in EastEnders after attacking sexual harasser

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is facing a life in prison in EastEnders once more after she was caught red-handed by creepy security guard Alan as she returned the money she’d previously stolen.

The mum, who is struggling to make ends meet amid the cost of living crisis, struggled to resist the cash in the safe at the office complex she’s been cleaning at, grabbing a handful of funds last week.

Monday’s (March 13) edition of the BBC One soap dealt with the aftermath of the theft, with Stacey at first on cloud nine over all the problems she was able to solve with the money.

Soon, however, she came to realise that the only option was to return the cash, as she feared being sent back to prison when her kids need her the most.

Stacey and mum Jean (Gillian Wright) set off to the office for another shift, with Jean distracting security guard Alan while Stace put the money back where she got it from.

Alan, however, caught her red handed.

Stacey, at first, denied taking the money, but Alan claimed they were alike, adding that he wouldn’t dob her in if she agreed to dinner with him.

Determined to get herself out of this situation, Stacey agreed to arrange a meal for the two the following night, but Alan refused to leave it at that, asking if he could kiss her.

Stacey said no, but Alan was persistent, leaving her with little choice but to knee her harasser as she and Jean made a run for it.

Upon arriving back in the Square, things became real, with Callum Highway (Tony Clay) stepping out of a police car to reveal that Alan had accused her of common assault.

The detective asked her to accompany him down to the station the following day, otherwise he’d be left with little choice but to arrest her. Will Stacey go to prison?

Jean reckons so!

EastEnders continues Tuesday March 14 at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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