See the first time Teen Mom fans met their men from Chelsea Houska's husband Cole to Maci Bookout's husband Taylor

THE cast members of Teen Mom have introduced their fans to many men over the years.

From Chelsea Houska's husband, Cole DeBoer, to Maci Bookout's man, Taylor McKinney, take a look back at how some of the most memorable MTV romances began.


Chelsea, 30, and Cole, 33, first met in 2014 at a gas station.

The Teen Mom 2 alum recalled to Us Weekly: “He was across at the other pump, and I looked, and he was staring at me.

"We didn’t even talk. We just kept looking at each other because we’re both shy.

"And then we were passing each other when we left because we lived out towards the same way.”

The star knew right away that Cole was the person for her, adding: “I went home to my friend and I was like, ‘I just saw the guy I’m going to marry at the gas station, but we didn’t talk.'

"And a few days later, he contacted me on social media and was like, 'Hi. I got gas next to you the other day.' And I was like, 'Thank you, Jesus.'"

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Cole was soon introduced to Teen Mom 2 viewers and he moved in with Chelsea and her daughter Aubree, now 12, in 2015.

His first appearance on the show took place during a season 6 episode, which was filmed after the couple had already been dating for a few months.

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At the time, Chelsea said he was "great with Aubree" as he played around with her during a frozen yogurt run.

The pair have remained a strong couple and went on to tie the knot in 2016.

Chelsea and Cole share three kids together: Watson, four, Layne, three, and Walker June, 10 months.


Maci, 30, and Taylor, 32, dated long distance for a year and a half before he started making frequent appearances on Teen Mom OG.

The TV star previously recalled meeting Taylor in her memoir Bulletproof.

According to E! Online, Maci wrote: "After he'd been around me for a second and saw people taking pictures of me, he figured out I was on TV.

"But he never so much as brought it up, he just treated me like I was Maci, some girl he'd met with his friends.

"It was a breath of fresh air to be around someone new who didn't give a s**t about the TV show I was on."

During one of Taylor's early appearances on the reality series, he played catch with Maci's son Bentley, now 13, in 2014.

She explained that he "moved across the country" to live with her and Bentley.

After they put Bentley to bed, Maci asked Taylor how he was "handling being in Bentley's world."

He responded: "We made it a year and a half doing long distance. That was hard."

Despite noting there "will be some bumps along the way," Maci and Taylor made it work and they married in 2016.

The couple- who recently hit a rough patch in their marriage- share daughter Jayde, six, and son Maverick, five.


Teen Mom OG fans met Cheyenne Floyd's now-fiancé Zach Davis in 2018 when she joined the cast of the MTV show.

However, their first attempt at a relationship didn't work when they bickered over her close relationship with baby daddy Cory Wharton, 30.

The exes share 4-year-old daughter Ryder.

In one early episode, Cheyenne and Zach argued over how to incorporate Cory into Ryder's everyday life.

The pair eventually split, though the separation didn't last long.

Cheyenne and Zach later rekindled their romance in October 2020 and announced her pregnancy with their child together just months later.

She previously revealed to E! News how they rekindled their romance, sharing: "He slid into those DMs. That’s how all of this started.

"We reconnected and it was a slow reconnection, a lot of talking over food. That was the way to my heart again."

Cheyenne continued: "We always seemed to click whenever we get back together and this time, we made a promise to ourselves to make it work."

Zach proposed to Cheyenne in April 2021, while they welcomed son Ace in May.


One Teen Mom romance that viewers got to see unfold without a happy ending was between Leah Messer, 29, and ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, 32.

During a 2011 episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah revealed that she got a Facebook friend request from Jeremy but didn't know if she would accept it.

She said at the time: "I hate adding people I don't know, so I'm gonna see who it is."

Leah responded to his friend request by asking if they know each other, while Jeremy quickly said that he knows her ex-husband Corey Simms.

The former couple share 12-year-old twin daughters Aleeah and Ali.

Leah accepted Jeremy's friend request and he asked her out.

While she was initially "scared" to go on a date due to her recent divorce from Corey, the pair eventually met in person to go go-karting.

The date was a success and the couple got married in 2012.

They now share 8-year-old daughter Adalynn.

Leah and Jeremy eventually split in 2015, though have remained in each other's lives as co-paents.

Despite their now-friendly relationship, Leah previously told Us Weekly that there is not hope for her and Jeremy to get back together.

She said during a 2020 interview: "Jeremy is a great, great guy. We're great friends, but any more than that, it doesn't align with my life. I don't know what he's thinking, but we are perfectly happy the way things are."


Another failed Teen Mom romance was between Briana DeJesus, 27, and ex Luis Hernandez.

Both Briana and Luis were introduced to Teen Mom 2 viewers in 2017 when she was pregnant with their daughter Stella, now 4.

In an early clip from their relationship, Briana admitted the "pregnancy was the last thing I expected to happen."

They explained that they "met at the club" and became pregnant "not even a month later."

Briana continued: "When I first found out, I was more of like, 'Well, we don't really know each other. Maybe it's best if we do get an abortion.'"

She said that Luis was being "supportive," while he insisted he was "ready" to help her with her daughter Nova, 10.

The star shares her oldest daughter with ex Devoin Austin.

Briana told Luis that he has to "create a some kind bond" with Nova "because her father is not around."

She added: "That's why I'm so scared with you because I just don't want that the happen again."

Unfortunately for Briana, Luis proved to be an absent father and is not actively involved in Stella's life.

Instead, Devoin has stepped up and has made an effort to spend time with both Nova and Stella.

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