Sarah Jessica Parker 'asked her 11-year-old twins for permission before rejoining Sex And The City'

SARAH Jessica Parker asked her 11-year-old twins for permission before rejoining Sex And The City, a source has revealed.

The actress also set strict rules on working hours and breaks before deciding to make a return as Carrie Bradshaw on the reboot, the insider told The Sun.

Mom-of-three Parker would not budge on the family-focused demands during discussions with HBO, the source, who was connected to the negotiations said.

She made sure that husband Matthew Broderick and twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha were "on board and happy" with their "mom going back to work".

The star, 55, only signed her deal on the new show, worth around $1m an episode, if the show filming took place in New York and was "fair to her ladies" when it comes to film schedules, work hours and breaks.

She previously held back on returning in 2019 as she wanted to spend time with eldest child James Wilkie, as he saw out his time at school and then went to college.

"Sarah was adamant that her returning to Sex And the City was a family decision," the source told The Sun.

"While returning was a project on her to do list, it was vital that it would not take away from her being a parent.

"She was adamant to support James Wilkie in his senior year, before he went into college.

"It meant that a 2019 or 2020 comeback did not reach fruition. People may not realize this but Sarah prides herself on being a true working mother.

"She has always insisted 'I want to be there for my children', rather than be that mom that prioritizes Hollywood over family.

"She always made it clear that 'being there for the kids as they grow, is a time she will never get back'

"Now all of them had to agree that they were happy with her filming again for a return. It was a really beautiful family pact.

"Another aspect is that most of the series will be based in New York to allow workers to be close to their loved ones. ''

SJP, who is also executive producer on the show, is adamant that the new show will be supportive of all the parents who work on it and make "everyone from the star to the runner" feel valued, the source added.

The TV insider said that the actress preferred the idea of a series rather than a movie.

"Sarah and her co-stars felt a two hour movie would not do the storyline ideas and subject matter justice," they said.

"Five hours, to begin with, for the characters to go on long, intense journeys, while also discussing storylines in modern day America.

"The plot lines will be fearless in the way they delve into a 2021 environment dealing with the aftermath of MeToo, Donald Trump, LGBTQ+ acceptance and of course love and fidelity in modern life."

On January 10, HBO Max confirmed SATC was being revived for a reboot titled And Just Like That.

SJP will reprise her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw, while Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon will join her as Charlotte Yorke and Miranda Hobbes.

Kim Cattrall ducked the opportunity to return as man-eating PR Samantha Jones, after a long running feud with SJP.

It's hoped that the series could premiere around Christmas 2021, however 2022 is more likely

HBO Max's press release detailed that the show will "navigate the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s," according to the HBO Max press statement.

The Sun reached out to a representative for Sarah Jessica Parker and HBO for comment.

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