'RHONY' Recap: This Is One of the Most Cringeworthy Moments In the Show's History

“This is actually beyond anything I’ve ever seen,” Andy Cohen said of this moment.

When Sonja Morgan said "We might not be the most eloquent, but we’re passionate" early in tonight’s episode of "Real Housewives of New York," she didn’t know just how accurate those words were.

While there was some bickering between Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel, the episode’s pièce de résistance had absolutely nothing to do with either of them, as Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer and Sonja made fools of themselves during a charity event for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Ramona has long advocated for victims of domestic abuse and teamed up with survivor and CEO of NY Loves Kids Bridie Farrell to throw an auction benefitting the organization. The goal was to bring more awareness to the advocacy group, which aims to eliminate the statute of limitations for victims to report abuse.

The lunch to plan the event got off to an awkward start when Ramona failed to pronounce Bridie’s name correctly (it’s Bride-y, Ramona kept saying Birdie or Briddy). Sonja then chimed in, telling Bridie to "just exploit us" and referring to her and Ramona’s charity work by saying "I do children, you do sexual abuse," failing to see why her words could be problematic given the situation.

"We might not be the most eloquent, but we’re passionate," she then admitted.

But the weird lunch was nothing compared to the event itself, which Ramona was "so proud" to be throwing. Lu, Sonja, Barbara, Dorinda and Tinsley all showed up, while Bethenny had a prior commitment to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

At the event, the ladies all started fighting over an upcoming birthday dinner some of Ramona’s other friends were throwing for her. She made it clear they were not invited, saying she had no control over the guest list. Flashbacks from Bravo, however, showed her telling the woman throwing it to specifically not invite Sonja.

With that petty outburst behind them, Ramona, Dorinda and Sonja decided to make a speech with Bridie to everyone at the auction. It could not have gone worse.

First, Bridie had to correct Ramona on the pronunciation of her name. Then, Sonja kept laughing after Singer said she was going to cry thinking about the cause for which they were raising money.

"Everyone knows you can cry on a dime," Sonja cracked, in front of the entire party. "Sonja, why are you doing this to me?" asked Ramona. "Her name is Bridie by the way, you called her Birdie," Sonja shot back.

"I’m bad with names," Ramona said, before attempting to get things back on track. "When people are sexually abused as a child, you say is it my fault, did I do something wrong, you’re afraid to come forward," she continued.

That’s when Dorinda thought it was a good time to interrupt, shouting as she told Ramona to add, "It was a friend of the family! You can finish, but I’m adding something, it was a friend of the family!"

"Let’s hear it from the who … horse’s mouth," Sonja then said, referring to Bridie. "Not the whore’s mouth. I’m sorry."

That comment clearly caught Bridie by surprise, but she then began to tell her story. Dorinda interrupted her as well, reminding the abuse survivor to let everyone know her abuser was "still out there."

"Let her finish!" said Ramona, as Dorinda told her to shut up. "The predator is still out there," Medley interjected again, before telling Singer, "Stop monitoring me!" When Bridie finally said what Dorinda kept pushing her to say, D shot Ramona an "I told you so" glance and gloated, "There you go. Important. Don’t ever do that to me again."

Reminder, this was all done in front of a party of around 120 people, at an event bringing awareness to victims to abuse. Insert eye roll here.

In a confessional, Singer said she was "totally mortified" by the whole scene, while Sonja added, "Well, at least we raised the money already."

Andy Cohen summed it up best, saying this after a clip from the speech dropped online before the episode aired:

"Real Housewives of New York" airs Tuesday on Bravo.

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