Rainie says a final goodbye to Jack and Max in EastEnders

Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks) has said her final farewells to Max (Jake Wood) and Jack (Scott Maslen) in EastEnders after snatching baby Abi and fleeing Walford, with Jack’s life savings og £75k in tow.

Fed up of being treated badly by womanising and emotionally abusive Max, Rainie took the only thing that matterered to her – Abi – and funded her trip by swiping Jack’s cash after Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) had a last minute change of heart.

Packing her bags, she cast one last look at her old life and headed off and tonight, the Branning brothers were thrown into chaos as they realised what she had done. Initially, they blamed Mel for the money going missing but she insisted that while it had been her initial plan to defraud Jack, she changed her mind.

Quickly, the pieces fell into place that Rainie wasn’t coming back with Abi and Max and Jack were desperate to track her down after realising she had taken both Abi and the money.

When they eventually got through to her on video call, she was holding Abi and she told Max she deserved better than the life he had given her – and she wasn’t coming back. Left feeling helpless and reeling, Jack and Max now face a dilemma.

Do they phone the police and risk losing Abi to social services forever anyway? Or do they take the law into their own hands and track Rainie themselves, knowing that Abi is at least in no danger of being hurt by Rainie who genuinely loves her.

It remains to be seen what they do next but while Rainie reckons she has wiped her hands of the Brannings and Walford for good, we can confirm that these aren’t her last scenes as she has been seen filming on location a number of times.

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