Punky Brewster's Soleil Moon Frye says she got breast reduction a teen because bullies called her 'Punky Boobster'

PUNKY Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye said she got a breast reduction as a teen.

The 44-year-old explained her decision by sharing that bullies called her "Punky Boobster."

Soleil opened up about her breast reduction in her new documentary Kid 90, which features the actress sharing her memories, intimate home videos and personal diaries.

She further elaborated about the procedure while speaking to PEOPLE, sharing that she received the wrong kind of attention from fans when the show ended in 1988.

The actress told the outlet: "I was in this position where I was going through puberty, and I developed very quickly.

"Everywhere I went I was called Punky Boobster, and people would stare directly at my boobs."

She recalled being offered "tits and ass roles," adding that the attention made her uncomfortable in her own skin.

Soleil said: "No one is in charge of how their body develops.

"But there was so much shame about it."

She decided to get a breast reduction when she was 16, sharing: "My shoulders had indentations, I had back problems, there were so many different issues."

Soleil added that she now loves and accepts her body, stating: "My experiences made me who I am today.

"And as much of a roller coaster as it was, I wouldn't change one thing."

She starred as the titular character on Punky Brewster from 1984-1988, which she recently reprised the role in the show's revival.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the former child star revealed her “first consensual sexual experience was with Charlie Sheen.”

She had just turned 18 at the time, while the Two And A Half Men star was 29. 

Despite their age gap, the Saved By The Bell alum said Charlie, 55, was “so kind and loving."

She added the two have maintained a friendship in the years since. 

Soleil also addressed claims made by child star Corey Feldman in his 2020 documentary that alleged Charlie “raped” his best friend, the late Corey Haim, when he was 19. 

She said: “I can only speak to my experience and what the diaries say. I don’t know about anyone else’s experiences. 

“I don’t think people are devils or angels."

Charlie denied that he raped Corey, whom Soleil knew growing up.

The actress split from her husband Jason Goldberg, 48, in December 2020 after 22 years of marriage.

The couple, who share four children together – Poet Sienna Rose, 15, Jagger Joseph Blue, 12, Lyric Sonny Roads, 6, and Story, 4 – wed in 1998.

They were believed to have one the strongest marriages in the entertainment business.

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