Piers Morgan says Kate Garraway plight was reason behind anger towards MPs

Piers Morgan has admitted that Kate Garraway 's husband's plight with coronavirus made him "more angry" at the government after their "shambolic" leadership during lockdown.

The 55-year-old journalist made the confession on This Morning when Phillip Schofield asked him about the MPs "boycott" of Good Morning Britain.

Piers said that his co-star Kate's struggles during lockdown, as well as the fact he knew people who had lost loved ones to Covid-19, meant the pandemic was incredibly close to home.

Kate's husband Derek Draper is still struggling with the after-effects of coronavirus after being admitted to hospital in March.

He is now coronavirus-free, but is still battling for his life.

When discussing government ministers avoiding GMB, Phil pointed out to Piers that he occasionally didn't let MPs get a word in edgeways.

Holding his hands up, Piers explained: "Sometimes I know that I probably went a little too far but I was genuinely angry.

"I had work colleagues, Kate Garraway's husband, in a coma. I had three friends who lost their parents in care homes. I had others who narrowly escaped and nearly died.

"I do feel if you were that closely touched by it… It made me so angry, in my view, the way they mishandled it."

Piers also said he made "no apologies" for his treatment of the MPs after they continued to refuse interviews on GMB.

He said: "In terms of the government ban on Good Morning Britain, it has now been 134 days, I don't regret a damn thing I did with those government ministers.

"I think they have been a total shambles in this pandemic, I've made no secret of it.

"I think so many more people died who shouldn't have died, I think what they did with our care homes is a national disgrace, so I make no apology for holding their feet to the fire."

On Wednesday's GMB, Piers reignited his feud with the Kardashian-Jenner family as he took another swipe at them.

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Piers raged: "A bunch of very, very average looking dumbo bimbos have taken us all to the cleaners and made billions out of prancing around and doing this.

"They have taken us to the cleaners. Not a brain cell between them."

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