Peter Andre says hed leave the country if his kids went on Love Island

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    Mysterious Girl singer Peter Andre revealed he'd be forced to "leave the country" if his children decided to join ITV's Love Island.

    Peter had previously explained that he'd banned his kids from ever joining the show, and went on to detail the exact reason why.

    "No, I think, look, I say things in jest a lot of the time. I said my daughter was going to be a nun for years and I was secretly joking," he told Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway.

    "What I said to them was, 'If you had a choice I’d rather you present Love Island,' I’ve always said that to them. Try to be a presenter. Look at yourself in that way," he added.

    "Even though Maya is doing a great job, I told them it's best to aim to be the presenter of a show if you want to be on it," Peter advised.

    He joked: "If they go on it I’ll just leave the country!"

    During a chat with Loose Women in 2019, Peter told the panel that that he'd banned daughter Princess, who was 12 at the time, from watching the show.

    "My daughter, she's 12 and I'm like, 'No'. She thinks I'm mean but I think she's a bit young."

    He continued: "She said to me, 'Would you ever let me go on Love Island' and I said, 'When they start doing Love Island based on priests and nuns then on Sundays you can go on Love Island but until then no chance!'"

    Peter shares Princess, 15 and Junior, 17 with former glamour model Katie Price.

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