People are going to hate me The Chase player squirms after choosing £1 offer

The Chase: Contestant takes £1 offer

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four players onto The Chase on Thursday for an episode of the popular ITV quiz show. Victor, Chantelle, Sacha and Mary were the contestants taking on Chaser Anne Hegerty in a bid to win a cash prize. When Chantelle’s turn came around, she was left fearing she’d be hated for playing for the Chaser’s £1 offer.

A total of £42,999 was in the prize fund ahead of Chantelle’s cash builder round against The Governess thanks to her teammates.

The Chaser offered Chantelle to play for £2,000, £1 or £40,000, and she turned around to ask her fellow contestants for their advice.

Bradley explained: “I agree with Sacha, Mary and Victor that you are a better player than the £2,000, however, [are you choosing] £1, £2,000 or £40,000?”

She squirmed: “Everyone’s going to hate me back at home, but I am going for the £1.”

Addressing her teammates, the barmaid asked: “You’re all okay with that, aren’t you?”

Bradley said: “You’ve got to play as a team and if you’re into modern culture and things like that, that will be invaluable in the final, I am telling you.”

Anne interjected: “We’ve obviously got to offer more weird amounts as people are just drawn to them.”

Despite opting for the lowest offer, Chantelle struggled to answer many questions correctly, and Anne quickly caught her.

After Chantelle lost to the Chaser, Bradey said: “Chantelle I am sorry to lose you, I really am, you were great fun.”

Mary and Sacha were the only players to make it into the final round of the episode and they were playing for £42,999.

After a tense round against Anne, they managed to beat her with seconds to spare.

Following their triumph, Anne told the pair: “I love those really close contests.”

Bradley, 61, added: “Extraordinary, it was a fantastic match and that makes this show so exciting.”

Mary and Sacha said they wanted to split their money and spend it on travelling to Singapore and Japan.

The Chase fans took to Twitter to comment on Chantelle getting caught out, with Mace Windy adding: “Chantelle has to go back to her pub having taken the low offer and STILL getting caught!”

Jay said: “B****y hell Chantelle takes the quid and still loses. I guess that’s some kind of achievement.”

G Davies added: “That was painful to watch Chantelle.. #TheChase.” 

Aaron quipped: “Watching #Thechase and I’m sure the barmaid is gutted she played it safe going for £1 and still lost, and they won £43,000.” 

Fans also congratulated Mary and Sacha for their outstanding win, with Andrea adding: “I love it when the contestants win against the chaser #TheChase.” 

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm, episodes can also be watched on ITVHub.

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