New Stranger Things season 3 Funko Pop! figurines are here

Stranger Things season 3 has kept fans waiting over a year and a half, but finally, the July 4 release date is a mere two months away. The binge-worthy, action-packed Netflix series’ third season trailer finds our favorite paranormal beast-fighting friend group in the summer of 1985 — six months after season 2’s last scene at the Snowball Dance. But something’s different: they’re not kids anymore.

The cast’s transition to teenagehood is accompanied by a fresh aesthetic as the show trades in a muted color palette for vibrant hues and dazzling patterns. Funko Pop! is celebrating the show’s new style this season with their latest line of nine figurines (for $10 each on

Meet Will The Wise, dressed in wizard robes and ready for a magical game of Dungeons & Dragons. True to the opening of the season 3 trailer, Dustin’s new Funko is wearing yellow and green summer camp clothes emblazoned with “Camp Know Where ‘85.”

Embracing the show’s new setting, Starcourt Mall, you can take home Max and Eleven in mall clothes or Eleven dressed for “The Battle of Starcourt,” the title of the season’s final episode. Additionally, Steve Harrington’s Funko shows his luscious locks, which we now know are perfected by Farrah Fawcett spray, hidden under his mall work uniform sailor cap for Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor. You can see these figurines and the rest of the Stranger Things season 3 Funko Pop! collection currently available for pre-order on Amazon before they officially drop at retailers later this month.

In the meantime, you can find a plethora of Stranger Things figurines ready to be added to your cart so you can reminisce on your favorite looks from seasons past. Some of our personal favorites include Harrington dueling a deadly demodog and a short-haired Eleven holding her greatest love (other than Mike, of course): Eggo toaster waffles.

Take a look at all the new Stranger Things season 3 Funko Pop! figurines below.



Max (Mall Outfit)

Dustin (At Camp)

Will (The Wise)


Steve with Hat and Ice Cream

Eleven in Mall Outfit

Battle Eleven

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