Neighbours newcomer details on set problem which led to major scenes being cut

Neighbours teaser trailer

Mischa Barton has joined the cast of the revived Australian soap as a mysterious character called Reece who is set to make waves in Erinsborough.

Best known from her time on The O.C. the British born star admits that filming Neighbours is world’s away from her previous onset experience.

“There’s no going back there’s no if anything goes wrong,” she revealed. “I remember we had a problem one day, and it was like, ‘this isn’t good’ because we’re now 10 scenes down.

“So they have to cut them they can’t go back and you can’t go back and fix it. It’s like, ‘no, that’s gone now.’ That was wild.

“We had a very strange sound problem one day, which nobody could understand,” she recalled.

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“It just stopped working. It was like, ‘oh, no, well, I guess that’s not going to stay in. We’re just gonna have to forget that whole part.'”

She went on to add: “Oh, it’s quite a different beast. Just in terms of takes and stuff. If you get a second take sometimes that’s really lucky.

“It’s slotted down to such finite time slots for each scene and sometimes it’s like, I don’t know, 30 minutes for a whole scene.

“So and that includes like, everything in the scene. So it all needs to be wrapped up in that.”

The revived soap will return to screens on Monday having been picked up by Amazon following its cancellation in July last year.

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The new series, which will be streamed in both the UK and the US, picks up two years after the star-studded final episode so the characters’ lives have moved on a lot since they were last seen on screen.

Mischa isn’t the only Hollywood star appearing in the revamped series. LA Confidential and Memento star Guy Pearce is also back.

Having returned for what everyone believed was the finale last year fans were thrilled to see his character Mike Young, who first appeared in the show in 1986, reunite with his first love Jane Harris (Annie Jones) and move back to Ramsay Street.

Speaking on the Good Weekend Talks podcast earlier this year he explained that since his character was now living on the soap’s famous street, he would appear in the new season out of respect for the show.

Neighbours will stream on Amazon Freevee Monday to Thursday from September 18.

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