Mel Gibson to Take Directing Duty of Lethal Weapon 5

When announcing his involvement at an event in London, the actor known for his portrayal of Martin Riggs in the action film franchise claims that Richard Donner had given him his blessing.

AceShowbizMel Gibson will direct and star in “Lethal Weapon 5“. The action man, who appears as Martin Riggs in the big screen franchise, announced his involvement in the project at an event in London on Saturday, November 13 night, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper – after paying tribute to the filmmaker who had previously helmed the franchise.

“The man who directed all the Lethal films, Richard Donner, he was a big guy,” he said, before revealing Donner had given him his blessing to step behind the camera for the sequel. “(Donner) was developing the screenplay and he got pretty far along with it. And he said to me one day, ‘Listen kid, if I kick the bucket you will do it.’ And I said, ‘Shut up.’ “

“But he did indeed pass away. But he did ask me to do it and at the time I didn’t say anything. He said it to his wife and to the studio and the producer. So I will be directing the fifth one.”

The film is expected to enter the production sometime in 2022. Insiders revealed further details of the project, telling the publication, “As well as stepping up to direct Lethal Weapon 5 Mel is going to be starring in it.”

“Fans of Riggs will be pleased to see him back on screen – older but not necessarily wiser. It is hoped Danny Glover will come back to and reprise his role of Roger Murtaugh.”

Gibson has had a number of film under his directing belt. The 65-year-old won an Oscar for best director for “Braveheart”, and his other notable works include “The Passion of the Christ“, “Apocalypto” and “Hacksaw Ridge“.

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