Megan Barton-Hanson had cosmetic surgery to avoid 'pain' of looking in the mirror as she opens up about insecurities

MEGAN Barton-Hanson has revealed that she had cosmetic surgery to avoid the "pain" of looking in the mirror.

The 25-year-old Love Island star has opened up about her insecurities, admitting that her schoolmates used to be "nasty" about her appearance.

Speaking to The Mirror about when her body image issues first started, the blonde beauty explained: "At school kids can be so nasty. It was getting to me every day.

"I’d tie my hair back and my ears stuck out. Boys would make comments.

"[I was] awkward, geeky, massive glasses and braces. I was so shy."

Megan went on to reveal that she struggled to convince her mum to let her have procedures at a young age, however, she relented when she saw how "bothered" her daughter was by her appearance.

The reality star continued: "Every morning I woke up and didn’t feel good.

"Looking in the mirror was painful almost."

However, Megan went on to insist that she is much more confident in herself, although she can be guilty of "comparing" herself to other women – especially on social media.

The comments come just days after Megan admitted to photoshopping her Instagram photos – particularly one that saw her inundated with complimentary comments from fans.

The star posted a photo of herself, taken by Jodie Morris Photography, with honey blonde hair, a deep tan and extremely green eyes.

While most people couldn’t get over how stunning she looked, one person wrote: "Ngl I guesss this one is photoshopped."

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The straight-talking star replied: "Damn straight!"

Her photoshop admission comes after she told The Sun that she is so body conscious that her Instagram pictures are altered by a team before they're posted online.

She said: "I spent the whole of last summer in a bikini on TV and I post sexy pictures on Instagram but they’re edited and photoshopped by professionals."

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