MasterChef fan convinced Tom's dad gave away he'd won at start of show

A MastChef fan is convinced that Tom Rhodes’ dad gave away that he had won at the start of the show.

In a clip filmed at the family home, his father Simon appears to be about to call him the MasterChef champion before he quickly changes his words. 

His dad is seen raising a glass to his son, saying: “Here's to Tom, the Masterchef ch-journey".

Spotting the quick change, the viewer wrote: “We all spotted that Tom's dad gave it away at the beginning of the programme, right?”

Tonight's final saw Tom battle it out during a very tense showdown with Mike Tomkins and Alexina Anatole.

The 31-year-old amateur chef described getting the prestigious title as a “dream come true”  after six dramatic weeks and an exhilarating final cook off. 

Speaking about his win, Tom said: “From beginning to end, MasterChef is the most incredible experience. Being this year’s MasterChef Champion, after watching and admiring so many past Champions, seems like a dream come true. 

“I’m grateful that I met, got to know and cook alongside some of the most wonderful and talented people, and have found friends for life in them. 

“I’ll also never forget and can’t be more thankful to all the friendly, hard working, fantastic people, that make MasterChef such a special show. I feel this is just the start, and I’m excited for what comes next.”

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