Lucifer's Lesley-Ann Brandt Celebrates Season 4 Premiere's Sweet Reunion

Three-quarters of the way through Lucifer‘s previous season, Maze blurted some harsh words about Dan and Chloe’s daughter, whom the demon had over the years befriended.

Quarreling with Dan, Maze (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) back then roared, “And I am sick of your goody-two-shoes ex-wife and that stupid little brat of yours anyway” — unaware that young Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) had been standing behind her. Trixie ran off in tears, the unlikely friendship fractured. A détente that was originally intended to air at the close of Season 3 instead came during the supernatural series’ Netflix premiere.

Toward the end of Season 4’s opener, Maze — spotting Trixie across the LAPD squad room — offered, meekly, “I… I’ve been wanting to talk to you. To tell you that I’m sorry. I’m so sor–.” But Trixie cut Maze off… by dashing into her arms for a big, warm hug. “I know, dummy,” the tweenager said. She then added (contradicting what a celestial-wary Chloe told Maze earlier), “I couldn’t stay mad at you.”

Recalling the reunion, Lesley-Ann Brandt told TVLine, “It’s one of those things where Maze is sort of like, ‘Oh, I don’t know how this is going to go,’ and it evolves into this really sweet scene between these two characters that the audience loves to see together.” After all, Brandt adds, “If they never made up? That would be bulls–t.” (Earmuffs, kids!)

In a show about the Devil and his demon (and angel) friends, the Maze/Trixie friendship — which really got up and running with Season 2’s hilarious Halloween outing — is one very dear to viewers.

“I don’t think we expected that to pop off the screen,” Brandt reflects. “It’s kind of similar to the Linda-Maze friendship, in that there was an unexpected chemistry.”

Further surveying the demon/tyke dynamic, the South African-born actress says, “Maze and Trixie are actually really alike in that they are both somewhat childlike.” Also, “children can just be brutally honest, with no filter. Maze and Trixie are very similar in that way, too, so I think Maze kind of appreciates that about her.”

Brandt’s bond with 11-year-old Estevez carries off-screen, as well. “Scarlett and I actually hang out, like, outside of work,” Brandt shares. “I’ve taken her to the movies, she’s had playdates with my son and my dog…. So I was really happy that people took to the friendship between our characters.”

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