Love Islands Maya Jama returns for final dumping

Love Island Voting Opens Up With Ella, Mitch, Whitney And Lochan Set To Go

Love Island final is just hours away with only four couples going through to the final, meaning one will be dumped from the island tonight.

To celebrate their last full day in the villa and to get them moving, the Islanders take part in a sports day.

But their high spirits are dampened in the evening as Maya Jama makes her dramatic entrance, with the islanders knowing one of them will be leaving.

Walking into the villa, she says: ““Hi my hunnies! Please can we gather around the fire pit? Here we go!

“Islanders. As you know, whilst on your romantic dates you were asked to vote on which couple you thought were the least compatible. I’m now going to reveal who each of you voted for.”

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On Friday night, viewers were asked to vote for who they thought were the most incompatible couple between Ella Barnes and Mitchel Taylor or Whitney Adebayo & Lochan Nowacki.

Maya will reveal to the couples tonight that their fate once again lies in the hands of the public vote.

She reveals the couple who received the fewest votes and is then dumped from the island, with the final four couples left.

However, for Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas, their fairytale romance may not last for long as the Sports Day challenge sent a rift through their relationship.

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Returning to the villa, Tyrique can sense Ella is annoyed before she tells him: “Little things are irritating me today.”

“Anytime I speak on anything it becomes a big thing,” to which Tyrique quips: “What’s your problem?”

“We’ve been through this – communication,” trying to get her to calm down and avoid a confrontation.

But still clearly annoyed, Ella adds: “Sometimes when I say something and I’ve said this to you before – you shut me down all the time.”

With the final looming, can the pair resolve their issues?

Love Island final airs Monday, July 31 from 9pm on ITV2.

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