Love Island's Demi Jones faces anxious six-month wait to find out if she's beaten cancer

DEMI Jones must wait six months to find out if she has beaten cancer. 

The Love Island star, 22, has undergone two operations after she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer earlier this year after the coronavirus pandemic delayed tests on her mystery lump six times.

Her first surgery was to remove the cancerous lump from her neck and the second operation was a thyroidectomy to remove her entire thyroid.

She was elated to recently learn the other side of thyroid was cancer free but still doesn’t know if she is completely clear.

During a Q & A with fans, she said: “I haven’t been told that I’m cancer free yet. I’m not actually sure if it’s completely gone or completely not gone yet. 

“I’ve got to have some further iodine treatment in about six weeks' time and some scans but hopefully by the end of the year I’ll know whether I’m cancer free.”

Asked if she was having chemotherapy, she said:  “I’m fortunate enough not to go through chemotherapy. I’ve had my surgery. to remove the thyroid and I’m going to have some further iodine treatment.”

Demi first noticed she had a lump in 2019 but didn’t do anything about it because she was busy at university.

She first had it checked out before she entered the Love Island villa – but no alarms were raised. 

During the chat on Instagram she told fans that the lump itself was painless and was “like an Adam’s apple’, which moved up and down when she swallowed.

Thanking her followers for their support, she said: “The support has been so overwhelming, but it is hard especially when I’m caught socialising with my friends and I’m drinking and people are coming up to me and asking me about my cancer, it can make me quite emotional. 

“But I’m being super strong and super positive and I’ll get through it.”

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