Love Island viewers left confused as they’re convinced they’ve spotted Simon Cowell in the villa

Love Island viewers have been left confused after "spotting Simon Cowell working out" in the villa.

On last night’s show, 28 year old Callum Macleod was sat in the gym wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses.

And in the screen shot that viewers shared on Twitter, the handsome reality star bared an uncanny resemblence to Simon Cowell.

Expressing their confusion , a number of people questioned what the music mogul was doing inside the villa.

“When did Simon Cowell get into the villa?” one confused fan wrote.

Another person quipped: “Is that Simon Cowell?” alongside a number of crying emojis.

A third wrote: “Simon Cowell looking in shape!” while a fourth joked: “Been working out with Simon Cowell today, it is what it is #loveisland.”

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Meanwhile, Love Island fans also took to social media last night to after spotting surfer Lucie Donlan eating both a banana and an apple at the same time.

Lucie, 21, chomped down on both a banana and apple at the same time as she talked to Amy Hart on a sunbed – and viewers couldn’t get over it.

One person wrote: “Is it me or is it really weird that lucie is eating an apple and banana at the same time? #loveisland.”

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Another wrote: “Who the f**k eats an apple and a banana simultaneously #loveisland”.

Others said: “Personally think it’s quite psychotic that Lucie is eating both a banana and apple at the same time… #loveisland” and: ”WHY IS SHE EATING HER BANANA AND HER APPLE AT THE SAME TIME #loveisland lucie is a psychopath. [sic]

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