Love Island hunk reveals he is a secret PRINCE – shocking villa pals and viewers

A LOVE Island hunk has revealed he is a secret PRINCE – shocking his villa pals and viewers.

Tonight saw the return of Unseen Bits and at one point, the boys were discussing their heritage.

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Tyler was surprised to learn Toby is Nigerian, before asking Teddy if any of his family was from the African country too.

Teddy said they were, before admitting: "I'm going to say something so shocking…I'm actually a prince of one of them."

His friends and then-partner Faye looked shocked as she said: "Sorry one more time, run that past me."

Teddy explained: "It's part of a village, it's within the Delta state village.

"So my granddad, who has actually passed away so I'm no longer a prince, I was a prince. But..yeah."

Teddy's pals weren't the only ones shocked, as viewers also took to Twitter to discuss the revelation.

One wrote: "The world: Teddy can’t possibly get any more perfect. Teddy: I’m a prince."

Another added: "WE KNEW TEDDY WAS A KING Crown NEVERMIND A PRINCE!! #AfricanGod #NigerianPrince #KingTeddy #LoveIsland."

A third tweeted: "Once a prince, Forever a king. Our beloved Teddy bear."

Meanwhile a fourth shared: "So Teddy was an African Prince? Explains a lot."

Love Island continues Sunday, August 1 at 9pm on ITV2.

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