Love Island fans predict drama between Faye and new girl AJ as she has eye on Teddy

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Sparks are expected to fly between new Love Islander AJ Bunker and Faye Winter as the bombshell has her eye on Teddy Soares.

On Wednesday night, viewers saw AJ enter the villa as the latest contestant after Brad McClelland left – and it seems like things could get explosive with the 28-year-old hair extension technician.

Fans saw her introduce herself before going in by saying: "There is something about Teddy. He’s a bit of me.

"In terms of being adventurous and spontaneous, I think we’d get on really well. Hugo and Aaron, there is something about them so I want to get to know them a bit more."

But Teddy is currently coupled up with Faye and fans are predicting there could be a row on the horizon for her and AJ.

Asked how she would deal with Teddy already being in a couple with Faye, AJ said: "I’m a respectful person in terms of morals.

"I’ll definitely approach her and have a conversation beforehand. But I wouldn’t hold back. I feel like we all have a right to get to know the guys in there.

"I’ll definitely have a word with her first and would keep her updated on where everything is at really. I’m open and honest and I think that’s all you can really do."

However, viewers weren't so convinced that Faye would appreciate her open and honest approach.

One person tweeted: "Why do I feel like AJ and Faye are going to clash"

Someone else added: "All the Love Island contestants should have entrance music like in WWE. Imagine it… 'OMG that's AJ's music! She's entering the villa to steal Faye's man'"

Another person added: "Faye, keep your man close hunny as AJ is going to steal your man, I can feel it"

Talking about what people could expect to see of her in the villa, AJ added: "I'll definitely tell it how it is. I’ll definitely speak my mind. I’ve got expectations and if they’re not met….

"I think I’m going to bring a bit of spice, I definitely am fiery. The girls need to know their worth and what standards they should be setting."

AJ continued: "I can be a little bit savage because I say it as it is. My girls call me savage all the time. But I’ve got the biggest heart and I’ll do anything for my friends and family.

"And I would definitely say I’m confident as well. My girls also would say I’m indecisive and impatient!"

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