Logan Paul Calls Jimmy Kimmel an ‘Asshole’ for Comparing Him to Trump

The YouTube star and podcaster didn’t like being called one of the ”very worst people in the world“

“Who would pay to listen to Trump B.S. his way through a boxing match? Between Logan Paul and Donald Trump, boxing is once again the top source of income for the very worst people in the world,” Kimmel said at the time.

Paul himself has gotten into the boxing ring in recent years, notably losing a fight to Floyd Mayweather in June.

“I feel like I’m a very easy butt of a joke. I’m a butt, for sure. My name is just, like, thrown out there,” Paul said on his podcast, adding that he took the joke so personally because he’s appeared on Kimmel’s show in the past.

“How are you about to invite me on the show and have a cordial, friendly, familial relationship and then a year and a half later — when, by the way, I’m doing well…” he said, remarking that the joke was “the lamest s—” and Kimmel’s writers must have been “lacking content and creativity.”

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