Line Of Duty producer reveals Ted Hastings will be ‘laid bare’ in dramatic finale as he goes head to head with DCS Patricia Carmichael

LINE Of Duty's Ted Hastings will be "laid bare" in tonight's dramatic finale as he goes head to head with DCS Patricia Carmichael.

The most watched TV show of 2019 will come to a thrilling climax tonight with an expected 13 million viewers tuning in to find out who H is as series 5 ends.

Last week saw AC-12 commander Ted arrested over suspicions he has been the bent copper all along.

Tonight, an emotional and intense scene with takes that lasted up to 30 minutes long will play out between Ted and Patricia in a bid to get to the truth.

Executive producer Simon Heath told the Mirror: “It shows drama doesn’t need special effects, crash, bang, wallop. It’s two brilliant actors across the table. It’s very emotional too.

“Ted is completely laid bare.

“Giving an insight into how intense shooting it was, some of the takes were 30 minutes long, so nobody can move, nobody can go to the toilet, eat anything.

"The whole place is on lockdown and it creates a crackling atmosphere."

Despite the tense scenes, actress Anna Maxwell Martin who plays Patricia was cracking jokes as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

She has joined Adrian Dunbar and a high-calibre cast including Martin Compston who Vicky McClure won't stop until they expose H.

Rumours have been circulating

Some theorists have suggested H is not a person, Lisa McQueen is a vengeful lovechild of DCI Tony Gates and Mrs Hastings is the missing link.

Series six has already been commissioned, but producer Simon hopes it will continue for even longer.

He added: “We’re always listening to what the viewers want. One of the reasons there’s big gaps between series is that Jed likes the feedback and it influences the next season.

"It’s a format that can keep going on and on.”


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The show was hit with controversy last night as Sainsbury’s started selling the series 5 DVD before the final had aired.

It seems the store has accidentally put the DVD out ahead of the hotly anticipatedfinal tomorrow night, which viewers have waited six weeks for.

HMV workers have also revealed they have had their hands on the DVD since Friday but have resisted watching it to avoid spoilers.

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