Line of Duty drops trailer for explosive series 6 finale – with huge shoot-out as net closes in on H

BBC have dropped the a trailer ahead of the Line of Duty series 6 finale and it looks incredible.

After six pulsating episodes it all comes down the final installment which will feature a huge shoot-out and AC-12 closing in 'H'.

The series already included a epic shootout which saw AC-12 members Steve Arnott and Chloe Bishop fend off members of the OCG while transporting Jimmy Lakewell to a different prison.

In the latest sneak peak, Superintendent can be heard saying to his team: "All of these suspicious deaths were orchestrated by one officer in particular…H, the fourth man."

A series of key characters from the series all flashed up on screen, and Jo Davidson was escorted from a prison in handcuffs.

She then looked nervous as she sat inside a police van and asked an officer opposite her: "What's going on?"

The trailer concluded with AC-12 and an army of officers surrounding a man wearing a balaclava who may be the much sought-after 'H'.

Arnott drew his gun and yelled: Down! Down!, while Kate Fleming emerged from a van, pointed her gun at the mystery man and shouted: "Armed police!"

Last night's penultimate episode concluded with Jo being escorted to her prison cell after taking the fall for Kate and taking responsibility for the death of PC Ryan Pilkington.

She admitted she was forced into a life of crime at the age of 16 by Tommy Hunter, her uncle, meaning he is not only Jo's uncle, but also her father,


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