Kieron Dyer batters SAS Who Dares Wins Jason Fox after suffering cracked rib

Kieron Dyer has revealed that he viciously beat ups SAS: Who Dares Wins instructor Jason Fox during a challenge on Sunday's episode.

The 42-year-old footballer said he “wanted to kill” the ex-Special Forces Agent, 45, as he repeatedly kicked him to “seek revenge” after Fox cracked his rib earlier in the series.

After receiving a brutal pummelling and barrage of insults from Kieron, Fox reportedly said: “F***ing hell, my eyes are rattling in my head!”

Speaking to The Sun, Kieron explained: “Before this challenge, they get you psyched up about your family, who you’d kill for, and then send you in against Foxy dressed in all the red kit and you basically have to think like you want to kill him.

“I just let it out and what was so great about that, what I loved, is that when Ant [Middleton] actually told me to stop, I stopped. I don't think he thought I was going to stop, to be honest.

"The scary thing is, why I felt sorry for Foxy is, by this time my ribs were hanging by a thread now, so that's why I was just proper kneeing him in the ribs.

“I was thinking, ‘Well, you broke my rib on this course, let me try and break one of your ribs!’”

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According to The Sun, the footballer’s co-stars Wes Nelson and Aled Davis were shocked by the outburst.

Nevertheless, Kieron said he felt much “lighter” and a “sense of release” after exercising all his pent-up aggression.

Meanwhile, his co-stars Saira Khan, Jake Quickenden, Vicky Pattison and Shanaze Reade all withdrew from the current series of Celebrity SAS on Sunday.

Saira suffered a broken ankle during a mud wrestle with Ulrika Jonsson and required a metal plate and nine pins, with her injuries taking six months to heal.

She said: “I've never howled like it. I was in agony. There was a chip on my shoulder, like, ‘I am not going to prove to you women can't carry on if in pain. 'F*** you, I'm going to keep doing it!’”

However, she added that she would still do the show over again if she could and that it was a “wake-up call” that inspired her to quit Loose Women.

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Jake Quickenden left the show after rupturing his pectoral muscle and bicep in a speedboat challenge.

He said: “I ruptured my pec and my bicep, so the tendons were torn straight off the bone. I had to have them stretched back to my shoulder. I've got four pins in my shoulder now where they're all back in place.”

Meanwhile, Shanaze Reade was forced out of the competition after she broke her shoulder, leaving her unable to continue and “devastated” to leave.

Vicky Pattison chose to leave the competition following the oil drum task where contestants had to carry heavy objects up a hill in pairs.

She said: “Instantly you cry, because you’re disappointed in yourself. But then you speak to loved ones, and have a shower, and you look at your bruises, and you just feel utter relief.”

Previously, both Kerry Katona and Ulrika Jonsson also withdrew from the show.

Ulrika was forced to withdraw after medical experts stepped in while Kerry quit after Ant's shouting recalled memories of her abusive ex-husband George Kay.

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