Katie Price fears she looks like Star Trek’s Spock after getting her eyebrows tattooed on before her facelift

KATIE Price fears she looks like Star Trek’s Spock after getting her eyebrows tattooed on.

The star, 40, got inked before her facelift – and things have changed somewhat drastically since her scars have healed.

Katie underwent surgery last month in Turkey, and many fans said it has left her looking like the "Bride of Wildenstein".

However, Katie fears she looks a little more sci-fi, sources tell The Sun Online.

One said: “Katie had semi-permanent eyebrows done before the operation – and they were perfect.

"But after the surgery, they’ve been pulled up a bit and she’s worried they look odd – like Spock from Star Trek.

"The facelift means they’ve shifted into a totally different position. Katie keeps saying how happy she is with her new face, but behind closed doors she’s obsessing over before and after pictures.

"The problem is, the eyebrows are semi-permanent so she’s stuck with them for a while.”

Katie appeared on this morning's Good Morning Britain, where she discussed her changing face with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

She explained that she has surgery because "there is a menu" to pick from and because she's famous, she gets it for free.

She told a stunned Susanna: "10 days ago I had liposuction up here. I had my own fat put into my bum.

"My face, the face where I look like a space invader, I had my own fat put under my eyes, and then here at the side I've had my face lifted.

"It's safer than putting chemical stuff in."

She went on: "Girls now in their twenties they all look the same. I don't like to look puffy."

But as Piers grilled her about why she wants to look younger, and showed her a picture of herself in her twenties, she insisted she doesn't "look that bad."

She said: "There's a menu there so why not. The thing is I can have surgery for nothing."

Katie's mum Amy appeared via a video link in Spain and told Piers, 54, and Susanna, 48, that she wants Katie to stop getting work done.

But she admitted she also had Botox and fillers in the past – before she was diagnosed with terminal lung illness idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2017.

She said: "In the past I've had a bit of botox I've had a bit of fillers and that.

"But as you get older yo realise you don't need it, you have to be happy with yourself, I've realised that since I haven't been well.

"You have to embrace who you are as yourself.

Yesterday the former glamour model was spotted getting her face shaved, which involves using a scalpel to scrape off dead skin and ‘peach fuzz’ hair, just days after her surgery.

She was seen out and about in Kent where she and a friend headed to a beauty salon for a spot of pampering.

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