Joshua Jackson on Animalistic Fatal Attraction Sex Scenes: You Have to Believe They Want to F*** Each Other

Joshua Jackson isn’t shying away from talking dirty.

The star of Paramount+ series “Fatal Attraction” admitted that the erotic psychological thriller hinges on its onscreen sex scenes and his chemistry with co-star Lizzy Caplan.

“The sex scenes are of great importance because they’re furthering the narrative. You have to believe that these people want to fuck each other,” Jackson said in a Variety cover story.

Jackson stars as married business man Dan who embarks on an affair with seductively unhinged Alex, played by Caplan. Michael Douglas and Glenn Close portrayed the respective characters in the 1987 Adrian Lyne film.

Jackson explained that the TV reimagining of “Fatal Attraction” sets out to create “something in the beginning that’s transgressive and animalistic, then moving into something sweeter as the sex scenes progress — which is in its way more transgressive, because he’s married.”

“Fatal Attraction” was created by Alexandra Cunningham and directed by Silver Tree, with Nicole Randall serving as the intimacy coordinator on set.

“God bless Silver for being amazing and coming at this from the female gaze,” Jackson said. “There are so many ways to tell the story of a sex scene that don’t need to be about certain pieces of a woman’s body. There are so many different ways that this can give you all of that stuff without it having to be exploitive of the women’s body.”

Jackson added, “One of my pet peeves is two characters have sex, and it’s the most amazing sex she’s ever had. She wakes up in the morning, and she pulls the sheet up over her breasts. I’ve never in my life had great sex with somebody and then have them be like, ‘But I don’t want you to see my nipples in the morning.’”

Co-star Caplan agreed, saying, “We’ve both had experiences where you didn’t have that connection with your co-star and it’s a bit soul-crushing. So we were very much on the same page.” Caplan noted that she and Jackson had “very explicit” conversations about the specifics of their intimate moments onscreen, with Caplan calling Jackson the embodiment of “true feminism” when it came to making her feel comfortable, especially postpartum.

Jackson joked that his real-life wife, actress Jodie Turner-Smith, was “not fussed” about his erotic scenes.

“The sex scenes themselves, Jodie kind of enjoys them, actually. It’s a weird thing where she’s like a voyeur. So that works! If that’s your thing — excellent,” Jackson said.

The Paramount+ series premieres April 30.

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