Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Pick ABC News For First Joint Interview

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will sit-down with ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir and Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts for their first joint interview, with plans for a primetime special on Aug. 23.

The ABC News exclusive is notable because the Democratic candidates have traditionally gone on CBS News’ 60 Minutes for their first sit-down interviews together.

ABC is giving the candidates more time and exposure: not just the primetime special but a segment on World News Tonight on Friday and on other network shows.

Harris’ first interview since being selected as Biden’s running mate was with The 19th News last week. The site focuses on gender, politics and policy.

“Joe Biden had the audacity to choose a Black woman to be his running mate. How incredible is that?” she said. “And what a statement that is about Joe Biden, that he decided he was going to do that thing that was about breaking one of the most substantial barriers that has existed in our country, and he made that decision with whatever risk that brings.”

The Biden-Harris interview also will be broadcast on the eve of the start of the Republican National Convention. While President Donald Trump is planning a series of counter events this week, including a speech in Biden’s hometown of Scranton, PA, on Thursday, the same day that Biden accepts the nomination, less is known about Democrats’ plans to try to seize the spotlight.

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