Jay Blades pays tribute to Repair Shop guest who died before seeing refurbished item

The Repair Shop: Mother and daughter get emotional at boots

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On Wednesday night, The Repair Shop made a return to BBC One with a new series. Fans were thrilled to see the experts back in the workshop as they got to work restoring their guests’ beloved items. The episode saw Steve Fletcher and Will Kirk team up to work on a grandfather clock, while bookbinder Chris Shaw restored an old diary that was in danger of perishing. Cobbler Dean Westmoreland also repaired a pair of electric blue racing boots, which belonged to a professional speedway racer who died before seeing the finished restoration.

A mother called Wendy and her daughter Hayley brought the experts a pair of racing boots which had seen better days.

Hayley began by explaining the boots belonged to her dad, Mike, who used to ride professionally in the mid-70s.

Explaining what the boots were used for, Wendy began: “It was riding around on a track without brakes and you’d stop it using these boots.

“These are literally the brakes so that is why they are so special.”

Hayley went on to mention her grandparents bought her dad the boots and he started professionally racing in 1975.

She explained the reason why he wasn’t there with them, was because he was terminally ill fighting cancer.

As she tried to choke back tears, Hayley told them: “In early November he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

“He did receive some treatment but the tumour was just too aggressive. It had grown despite the treatment.”

“At that point, we were told he probably had weeks left to live,” she continued.

“We all decided he would be at home and that is where he will be until he passes away.”

“He really wanted to be here,” Hayley added as her mum said: “Every day is a blessing.”

However, when Hayley and her mum came to collect the boots, they broke the news that Mike had passed away before he could even see his beloved boots again.

“We’re excited to see the boots,” Wendy admitted. “Obviously it’s going to be very difficult for us because unfortunately my husband Mike passed away.

“I think it will help me to get through these next few weeks, a few months and possibly a few years.”

“We knew he was very poorly and that it would be unlikely he wouldn’t see them so it’s made it more special as a family to have them,” Hayley weighed in.

As Jay and Dean greeted the mother and daughter into the workshop, Jay paid a tribute to Mike.

“I am sorry to hear that Mike has passed away,” Jay told them. “From all of us.”

“Thank you very much, ” Wendy replied as Jay asked: “Have you been thinking about the boots since you dropped them off?”

“We have,” Wendy continued. “Even though at the end he wasn’t able to understand what was going on, we still talked to him.”

After the big reveal, Wendy said through tears: “Mike, if you could see these now you would be so thrilled.

“Thank you, thank you so, so much.”

The Repair Shop airs on Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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