ITV Tipping Point fans baffled as contestant claims Paracetamol is an antibiotic

Tipping Point fans were left gobsmacked when one contestant mistakenly thought Paracetamol is an antibiotic.

Viewers couldn't believe their ears when hopeful Robbie was given the opportunity to say what his answer to a question about the life-saving drugs would be and he delivered the baffling reply.

Robbie appeared in the final two for the cash prize alongside fellow contestant Kelly when the question that got him stumped came up from host Ben Shephard.

Good Morning Britain host and ITV star Ben asked: "Howard Florey and Ernst Chain shared a 1945 Nobel Prize with Alexander Fleming for their work on which antibiotic?"

Kelly admitted being unsure of the answer but felt Robbie may not have the knowledge to answer the question correctly so made a guess herself getting the response correct by saying Penicillin.

Ben then gave Robbie the opportunity to say what his answer would have been and asked him the question too.

He replied: "It would have been a guess and I probably would have gone for Paracetamol, something like that."

Fans of the show took to Twitter to air their dismay at the reply – completely baffled that Robbie incorrectly believed a painkiller was an antibiotic.

One viewer wrote: "So Robbie knows all that useless trivia but he thinks Paracetamol is an antibiotic! Unbelievable! Laughable!"

A second added: "Imagine being a fully grown adult male and A. not knowing that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin,and B. thinking that paracetamol is an antibiotic."

A third continued: "That famous antibiotic paracetamol?! Oh my god Robbie!"

Another fan of the show waded in adding: "Robbie thinks paracetamol is an antibiotic. How do these people get through life ??"

A fifth confused viewer wrote:

"Yeah that well known antibiotic Paracetamol. Come on Robbie. Get a grip will you. "

Sadly for Robbie, he was sent home after failing to outperform Kelly who went on to take the cash prize of £2600 opting not to trade so she could take her three children on a luxury holiday.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm

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