Is 'Selling Sunset' Even Real? An Investigation With *Receipts*

Despite Selling Sunset being a *reality* show, you may have noticed that the internet has some questions about how real it actually is. And I mean, sure. Most reality shows have some level of fake drama—like, what do you think Kris Jenner even does all day?

But when it comes to Selling Sunset, we’re not just talking about potentially scripted scenes. Back in Season 3 people were questioning if The Oppenheim Group was even made up of real real estate agents as opposed to, IDK, fake real estate agents who were hired for the show. This obviously calls for a thorough investigation, so here’s everything that my assigned FBI agent and I know about how legit Netflix’s Selling Sunset is.*

*With the obvious caveat that either way, this show is the only reality I currently want to live in.

Exhibit A: Chrissy Teigen’s Tweet

Back when Selling Sunset Season 3 dropped, Chrissy Teigen hit Twitter to mention that neither she—nor her agents—have heard of any of The Oppenheim Group’s agents. The internet immediately started speculating that Jason and Brett Oppenheim simply hired a bunch of models/actresses for the show.

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