How ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond and Ladd Drummond Spend Date Night

“ThePioneer Woman” star Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd Drummond, have beenmarried since 1996, but that doesn’t stop them from keeping their love alive.In the winter issue of “The Pioneer Woman” magazine, Drummond shares with herreaders how she and Ladd rekindle the romance. Here’s what she had to say aboutspending quality time with her “Marlboro Man.”

Ree and Ladd Drummond had a rough start early in their marriage

In an interview with Peoplemagazine, Ladd spoke about their early years together and the tough times theyovercame. They experienced financial difficulty and were learning how to adjustto marriage. Ladd’s business went through a setback during the Mad Cow diseasescare and the value of his land declined in the ’90s, reports People.

Ladd told People things were so strained they had to foregovacations for six years. “The first 10 years of our marriage weren’t theeasiest things in the world. We had financial struggles; we had everything thatevery couple goes through in the early years. The first six years that Ree andI were married we didn’t take a single vacation, and she never complainedonce,” he said.

The sweet reason Ladd Drummond loves working on the ranch

The host of NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen asked Ladd how hefelt about having the entire family on the ranch and being able to see his kidsand work with Ree each day. Ladd responded by sayingthat being with family is what he enjoys most about working on the ranch:

We truly are blessed. Getting to work with the kids and having Ree around and we’re all on the ranch together. It’s truly just a blessing. That’s what really makes it the most fun about everything, is being able to work with everyone. I work with my brother, my dad. Like a lot of ranching operations, we have a lot of family involved, and that’s probably really the best part about it.

How Ree and Ladd Drummond spend date night

In the winter issue of “The Pioneer Woman,” a reader asked the Food Network star what she and Ladd do on their date nights. She said that she and Ladd usually go out to see a movie. “We love to watch movies together. But because the closest theater is about 50 minutes from our house, we usually only go out to see epic ones, like ‘Aquaman’ or something from Marvel. Ladd and I will split a popcorn and a regular Coke—it’s the one time I drink it! (Yes, he loves Dr Pepper, but only in a can!)”

Ree Drummond tries to follow this marriage tip

Ree and Ladd work hard to keep their marriage strong. Reesays one marriage tip she tries to stick to is refraining from going to bedangry. Here’s what she toldParade magazine:

Ladd and I try not to go to bed with a disagreement still pending. I always make a joke that if our feet touch before we go to sleep, then everything’s fine. We have the same primary love language, which is quality time, and we do our best to have that time as much as we can at the end of the day. We try not to let that fall by the wayside because we do our best when we’re together.

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