How I Met Your Mother: Vote for your favourite guest star

No matter what you think about How I Met Your Mother – you have to admit that they had probably the best celeb guest stars on a sitcom ever.

Sorry, Friends and The Big Bang Theory, we’re including you in this one.

During the height of the show’s popularity, it seemed everyone was scrambling for a guest appearance in Ted and the gang’s lives.

It was even marked as one of the first major comebacks for Britney Spears, who played receptionist Abby who fell in unrequited love with Ted, so dated Barney to try and make him jealous.

She was just one of many pop stars who made appearances in the universe – with Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, Mandy Moore and Nicole Scherzinger also turning up.

Then you have the striking number of game show hosts who made their way around New York, with Maury Povich in particular making numerous blink and you’ll miss it moments.

Heck even Kim K managed to get a sneaky guest appearance as a talking magazine.

So the question is, who is your favourite guest star of HIMYM of all time? Place your votes now so we can decide once and for all.

How I Met Your Mother is available now on Netflix.

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