Home and Aways James Stewart dishes on death and a proposal in dramatic finale

It’s the series finale of Home and Away, and disaster is on the horizon for Justin Morgan (James Stewart) and Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou).

The couple are trapped in an abandoned warehouse by the Vita Nova cult, who are out for revenge. It all started when a teenager, Andrew Lawrence (Joshua Hewson), asked Justin for help to escape from a doomsday cult.

Justin and Leah took Andrew in as their own before he was re-captured by the cult. Justin teamed up with local police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) and Andrew has since left Summer Bay.

However the cult haven’t forgotten Justin’s actions and seek revenge. James tells OK! what goes on…

“Justin wins a competition on the radio, and it’s a five star luxury stay in a resort,” explains James. “He talks Leah into going, they pack their swimmers and jump in the car. Then, we don’t hear from them and they wake up in an abandoned warehouse with no light, and they’ve been in there for three days.”

While it sounds like nothing more could go wrong for the couple, Justin ends up gravely injured.

“Justin searches the room that they’re in and notices beams running across the roof,” says James. “Justin finds a way to get up to the beams, and it’s very precarious."

"He’s crawling his way across them, and then the whole thing caves in and a beam lands on his chest which punctures his lung. It’s a dangerous situation – they’re both at death’s door."

With her partner badly hurt and no one coming to rescue them, Leah ask an unexpected question.

“Leah says, ‘Justin, marry me?’,” reveals James. “And Justin doesn’t answer, he nods. I got a bit choked up, it was a beautiful moment.”

James praises his on-screen partner, Ada, for her work on the tough scenes but also says there was a special guest on a few of the shoot days.

“Ada (Nicodemou, who plays Leah) was absolutely the best on the shoot, she just dug real deep,” acknowledges James. “On some of the last days of shooting I took my daughter out of school and brought her up to watch Dad do some heavy hitting scenes. She loved it. She’s 11 going on 12 and already saying ‘Dad, when can I get an agent?’”

If they manage to get back to Summer Bay, James weighs in on what he thinks a wedding will look like for Justin and Leah.

“It would be the wedding of the decade! Leah has been married four times and three of them have died.

"So I’ve always said ‘She’s the black widow and Justin’s not going to marry her’, because I know that means my contract is over – that’s been the running joke, but it hasn’t turned out like that.”

After the finale, Home and Away will return in 2024

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