Hollyoaks: Sinead reveals husband Laurie raped her in heartbreaking scenes

Sinead Shelby has revealed that Laurie (Kyle Pryor) raped her after refusing to let her evil husband silence her any longer.

In dramatic scenes in E4’s first look episode, Sinead decided she would speak out after he attacked her for the second time.

The episode saw Laurie held hostage by Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) who he has been sexually harassing at work.

Sienna is not one to cross and she couldn’t contain her anger when her case against Laurie was dropped by the school board.

Not only that, but she suspected he had been hurting Sinead and wanted to exact revenge.

She knocked him unconscious and tied him up in the school classroom, wanting him to feel as miserable as he had been making both she and Sinead feel.

However she was stopped from seriously harming him by Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) and Liberty Savage (Jessamy Stoddart) who arrived in the nick of time before she did something that would get her into trouble.

When Laurie was at work Sinead found out he had been lying about attending anger management classes, and she confronted her lying husband about it who responded by taking his anger over Sienna out on her.

When she came out of the bedroom she was horrified to see Laurie put his hand on her daughter Hannah’s shoulder, and the terrified mum screamed at him to get away from her.

Diane (ALex Fletcher) and Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) were stunned at Sinead’s outburst and Laurie tries to manipulate the situation by claiming that Sinead is upset because it is her other daughter Katy’s birthday, who passed away.

But Sinead is not going to let him keep her down any more and reveals that he raped her.

The aftermath of Sinead’s revelation is going to pay out across the rest of the week as her family and Laurie’s colleagues learn what he has done.

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