Gogglebox’s Amy Tapper says she's ready to find love after losing 3.5 stone and is ‘happier than ever’ in her new body

GOGGLEBOX’s Amy Tapper has revealed that she is ready to find love after losing three-and-a-half stone.

The 20-year-old star, who has battled with her weight since she was eight-years-old, recently showed off her slimmed-down figure and says she “loves herself more than ever”.

Amy, who starred in Gogglebox from 2013 to 2018, is keen to get back into the dating game after she unvieled her slimmer figure.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, she said: “I’ve lost around three and a half stone, I am more confident in myself and I love myself as a person more than I’ve ever done before.

"I am more confident in different ways than before – I used to be more confident with boys back then believe it or not but when you have a couple of bad experiences, boys can play a big part in your mind and your confidence.”

Amy was on the hunt for love on E4’s popular dating show Celebs Go Dating in 2018 but she revealed that she was not as confident within herself and inexperienced with dating.

The star, who confirmed that she is currently single, would love to find a boyfriend and would easily sign up to another series of Celebs Go Dating, admitting she has a found a “new lease of life”.

She said: “I am looking to walk out of my house one day, drop my books and the love of my life comes and pick them up.

"I still think that is what will happen to me.

"There are sometimes when I think I would love a boyfriend, I just have to trust my timings and I know it will happen when I am ready.”

The Googlebox beauty hopes to rebuild her confidence and find the ‘one’, she said: “Celebs Go Dating was amazing, I loved it, it was great for me.

"I’d never been on a date before then so it was very fun and I learnt a lot about myself.

The telly favourite admitted that she is more confident than ever and happier in her own skin after years cruel bullying from trolls.

She said: “Yes I’d give Celebs Go Dating another go for sure, if I am still single and the time was right then absolutely, I don’t see why not.

"I do feel that my confidence is different since I last went on it.

“My friends tell me I’ve changed so much, I just think mentally more than anything.”

She added: “I wouldn’t have been able to properly like someone back then because I didn’t like myself and I am true believer that you can’t love anyone else until you love yourself but now I do love me for me.

“I feel 100 per cent more confident dating and I more understanding now what I want.”

Back in January Amy showed off her three stone weight loss, which she credits to the Do The Unthinkable Diet with Muscle Foods Goal Getters.

The star spoke about all the efforts she went through to shed the pounds, which included going to the gym and changing her lifestyle habits.

The star revealed the struggles of dating in lockdown and the fear of being judged on dating apps, she said: “For me I can’t bare sitting there on my phone and judging someone on what they look like. I can’t bare the thought of them doing that to me.”

Amy also spoke about how the nasty comments from people online affected her confidence when she was a teen.

She said: “I’d have a little cry in my bed alone but that was only for a few months after reading cruel comments.

“It just doesn’t bother me because I know my friends love me for me and they don’t think of me as overweight. If people want to judge me over my appearance then go for it because you’re missing out on my cracking personality.”

Amy, who spent the first lockdown working out at home, eating more healthy and going on regular walks also has her own personal trainer.

Dad Jonathan also shed three stone the same way his daughter did after being diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year.

He slimmed down from 21st 3lb to 18st 8lb and also saw his waist shrink down from 44 inches to 38.

In April Amy revealed that their six stone weight loss went on to save her dad’s life when he contracted Covid-19.

The 52-year-old was left fighting for his life as his distraught family, who also caught the deadly bug, anxiously watched by his bedside.

She said: "If we hadn’t lost the six stone last year when we did, could this have been a different outcome for us?"

“For me and dad both being overweight it was scary but we were fine – both of us having a health and fitness regime before catching covid made a huge difference.”

Amy said that she still has a long way to go to reach her goal weight but wants her followers to join her on this journey.

She said: “In reality you see so many people’s before and after and you never really get to see their during and how they actually lost the weight.

“Most of my Instagram followers are young overweight girls who are lacking in confidence and routine and I get so many messages about having motivation – so it is great to have them with me on my journey.”

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