Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby convinced home has a 'bad omen' after series of bizarre events including 'toxic' toads

CHARLOTTE Crosby is convinced her huge home is possessed by a "bad omen" after a strange series of events wrapped with a "toxic" toad in her garden.

The former Geordie Shore star, 31, took to her Instagram Stories to detail a bizarre week which saw a chair move of its own accord, a magpie fly into her home and a toad invade her garden.

She told how she realised the latter contained toxins on its skin and, after cuddling it and giving it a kiss, she had retreated to her shower to wash it off.

Yet things quickly turned sinister as she investigated its meaning.

MTV favourite Charlotte said: "I've just showered to wash the toxicity of the toad off my body but any of yous who have been watching my stories lately know that there's been some weird things happening in the house

"So the chair moved on its own, there was the magpie in the house then obviously the toad.

"So I thought this is a bit weird, a toad, I've not ever seen a toad in the whole six years of living here.

"Then I just typed in [into Google] 'what's the meaning of a toad?' …." before she shared a screen shot of a Google definition stating how toads are "negative symbols."

It went on to document: "They are commonly viewed as demonic creatures, often magical yet evil."

They are commonly viewed as demonic creatures, often magical yet evil

The Just Tattoo Of Us host added the caption: "Fantastic," to her post.

The Naked Lane company owner was also left terrified recently after her fans were convinced they had spotted a ghoul in her home.


Charlotte explained that she had been flooded with messages after fans spotted a chair had mysteriously "moved on its own".

The alarmed telly star said: "I'm really freaking out, so I didn't notice but I've just been on my messages and you guys noticed and I've rewatched the video.

"The video where I am filming the chair out there and I'm like 'wow, my house looks so lovely in this filter'

"In the background a chair at the table just pulls out, it moves on it's own. What?"

A petrified Charlotte shared the eerie moment again, she added: "Who just saw that? Who just saw that chair move?"

Charlotte could not explain what caused the chair to move on its own but admitted that her dog had been spooked.

"Now Banana won't stop barking, he barks anyways, he's normally a barky dog but he has not stopped barking over in that corner – he actually keeps looking over there.

"Obviously the whole chair situation has freaked us all out but we need to try and not discuss it now because I'm going to try and get on with my life and not remember that there is a poltergeist in the house."

Charlotte shares her £1million Sunderland mansion with boyfriend Liam Beaumont.

She has been keeping her fans up to date with the "mind blowing details" she's adding to her Sunderland pad after it underwent a major makeover.

Charlotte loves a paired-back colour palette and her whole home is neutral in tones of beige and nude with black accents.

She admitted her big white entryway has always "felt really bare" so she's found the perfect black leather chaise-long to fill the gap.

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