Game of Thrones: A List of Who's Still Alive in Westeros and Beyond

Time for a casual poll: Which Game of Thrones character that you were sure would be dead by this point in the final season is still kicking?

We’re the most surprised to see that Grey Worm remains among the living, given that he’s A) a warrior, meaning he’s B) often in harm’s way, and C) he and Missandei talked about their lives after the war… which essentially damns him to dying before Episode 8’s closing credits, right? (It certainly didn’t help her.)

Anyway, Sunday’s installment of the HBO drama delivered two more fatalities: The aforementioned Missandei, who was beheaded by The Mountain at Cersei’s command, and Daenerys’ dragon Rhaegal, who was felled by some jumno arrows shot by Euron Greyjoy.

To help you keep track of who’s still among the living — versus who’s now on their way to share a bottle of Dornish red with Ned and Catelyn — we’ve assembled this handy list of the major players still alive in Westeros and beyond.  We’ll update the gallery at right after every single final season episode. If you don’t see a skull in the photo, you can assume that that character is still around… for now. (And for a detailed recap of Episode 4, go here.)

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