Friends star Angela Featherstone who played ‘hot Xerox girl’ looks completely unrecognisable 23 years later

THE Friends star who caused the famous "we were on a break" line looks completely unrecognisable 23 years on.

Angela Featherstone played the "hot Xerox girl" Chloe who slept with Ross after he fought with Rachel.

She appeared in the hit sitcom in 1997 for two episodes.

A new photo of the 55-year-old shows how different she looks after changing her hairstyle.

Angela swapped Chloe's short red hair for a blonde bob – and she looks incredible.

More than 20 years ago, Angela starred in the episode The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break – the 15th episode of the third season.

Her character – despite being chased by Joey and Chandler – has a crush on Ross and hooks up with him in bar after he fights with Rachel.

She had told him that night she wanted to "take a break from us", which Ross thought meant they had broken up.

In the next episode The One With The Morning After, Ross regrets what he's done and tries to stop Rachel from finding out.

But when she eventually does she coins the phrase "we were on a break" which is used throughout the whole series.

Angela went on to star in The Wedding Singer before becoming a screenwriter for sitcoms aired on Sony, DreamWorks, and NBC television.

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