Family Fortunes viewers in hysterics as contestant vows to get a tattoo of Gino D'Acampo's face after £30k win

FAMILY Fortunes viewers were in hysterics tonight as a contestant vowed to get a tattoo of host Gino D'Acampo's face.

Katie Burgess promised she'd spend her share of the £30,000 win on a new inking of the Italian chef.

"I'm going to get your face tattooed on my arm," she told stunned Gino.

He then went on to reveal her family had got the final top answer of the game they needed to win the cash prize.

One viewer said: "What a game! @alexie_bee #FamilyFortunes I hope you've booked in for that new Gino tattoo."

Another added: "Can't wait to see how that tattoo turns out for Alex Burgess."

While others were just desperate to know if she went through with the unusual tattoo choice.

One asked: "Question is did Alex get @Ginofantastico tattoo done after?!!?"

Going on Twitter to reveal if she went ahead with it, Alex wrote: "Thanks so much to everyone for all your lovely messages.

"I’m sorry I can’t reply to you all but it’s much appreciated.

"P.S. haven’t got the tattoo of @Ginofantastico yet…but it’ll happen."

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