Eurovision 2019 BLUNDER: ‘What trickery is this?’ Viewers spot bizarre Estonia gaffe

Estonia’s Eurovision Song Contest hopeful Victor Crone took to the stage in Tel Aviv, Israel this evening to perform his single Storm.

Storm was created during one of Victor’s visits to Estonia. The verses came first, but it was many months before the right chorus was crafted for the song.

Victor feels his song Storm should be open to the interpretation of the listen but claims it is about “weathering hard times”.

But as he took to the stage, viewers were baffled as they spotted a huge blunder when Victor’s guitar appeared to go missing.

Taking to Twitter to comment on the bizarre gaffe, one viewer asked: “What trickery is this Estonia? Where the hell did the guitar go? #est #EUROVISION.”

Another commented: “Estonia’s magic vanishing and re-appearing guitar was the real star of the show tbh #Eurovision #EurovisionSongContest.”

“What the f**k happened to the boys guitar #EUROVISION,” a third tweeted.

Someone else shared: “Keep an eye on Estonia’s guitar. Now you see it, now you don’t. Then you do again. #Eurovision #EST.”

A fifth remarked: “Did ANYONE see where Estonia’s guitar went??? One second it was there, the next no where to be seen!! #est #eurovision.”

Victor wasn’t the only performer to get viewers at home talking as many were baffled by Cyprus’s singer Tamta’s outfit.

Tamta appeared in a nude bodysuit which was decorated with clear beading which she paired with black thigh-high leather boots.

And, viewers couldn’t help but compare the bondage-style outfit to something Madonna would wear,

“Madonna wannabe Cyprus,” one viewer shared, while another added: “Madonna makes an early entrance for Cyprus #Eurovision.”

A third questioned: “Has Cyprus been having a rummage through Madonna’s wardrobe?”


Ahead of tonight’s Song Contest Netherlands singer Duncan Laurence was the favourite to win.

His odds of taking the crown were odds-on with bookmakers Ladbrokes at 8/11.

Australia’s act Kate Miller-Heidke, who is performing Zero Gravity, looks to be the closest rivals of the Dutch at 11/2.

Unfortunately it is bad news for the UK and it’s looking more and more likely Michael Rice will finish in last place, with odds of 4/1.

Meanwhile, his odds of winning are at 150/1.

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