Emmerdales Charity Dingle suffers baby loss heartbreak amid pregnancy twist

Emmerdale fans were stunned when Charity Dingle turned up at an abortion clinic alongside Amelia Spencer, revealing she was pregnant with Mackenzie Boyd's baby.

Charity ultimately decided to keep the baby, leaving Mack ecstatic that he's finally set to become a dad.

But, in a tragic twist, spoilers have confirmed that Charity is set to lose her unborn child next week in a heartbreaking miscarriage plot.

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Next week, Mack is getting more settled into his role as attentive partner, touched by his sister Moira's words about him making a great dad.

However, at Jacobs Fold Charity is hit with a wave of agony, and she's left fretting something is wrong with the baby. When Mackenzie returns home, he finds a broken Charity struggling on the floor.

Mack scoops her up into his arms, but Charity is left heartbroken as she's sure it's already too late – and gutted by Mack's optimism as he rushes her to the hospital.

They both try their best to conceal their fears as Charity is rushed to an Early Pregnancy Unit and left awaiting results.

The radiographer heads off to consult a doctor, who confirms Charity's pregnancy is ectopic, and therefore not viable.

Mackenzie is heartbroken as he and Charity listen to the heartbeat of a child they're destined never to meet. The shellshocked pair are left alone by medical staff to process what's happening to them.

An emotionally drained Charity is forced to ready herself for what she has to do. Grateful for Mackenzie's support, Charity also knows he isn't as okay as he's pretending to be.

Later, Charity makes it clear she's going to move on from the loss of her pregnancy by moving on with her normal life, putting on a brave face.

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Elsewhere in Soapland, Dawn is struggling with Clemmie's arrival as she and Billy break the news to Lucas that she's coming to live with them. Clemmie, however, has to be coaxed away from her social worker's side.

Tensions run high when Clemmie panics that she's lost her doll, and Dawn realises she needs to go along with Clemmie's pace until she gets used to things.

The next day, Kim comforts Dawn and offers to take Clemmie and Lucas out for a while.

But when they get to the playground, Clemmie's mood clouds over as Lucas innocently takes her toy to play with – and a distracted Kim doesn't realise what's about to go down.

After lashing out at Lucas and scratching him, Clemmie bursts into tears when Kim tells her off. Billy and Dawn get back to total chaos, and Dawn kicks herself for leaving Clemmie with Kim.

If you have been affected by this story, advice and support can be found at the Miscarriage Association. You can call them on 01924 200799 or email [email protected]


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