Emmerdale viewers swoon as Mackenzie debuts hangover hair transformation

Emmerdale fans couldn't help but swoon as they spotted Mackenzie Boyd's latest hair transformation on Friday night.

Mack tipped up downstairs after a night on the lash with Ryan Stocks, leaning against the banister as he distractedly chatted to his pal on the couch.

And later, fans got a glimpse of his rumpled 'hangover hair' as he reclined on the couch to chat to Charity Dingle about Mack leading her son astray and into bad habits.

"That son of yours is a bad influence," Mack told Charity, as she furiously responded: "No he's not."

She snapped: "I don't want you getting him into trouble.

"This isn't the first time someone's forced him to do something he shouldn't. It wasn't that long ago Graham had him stealing!" she warned.

But fans were distracted from their row by Mack's hair, which was strangely flattened down and free of hair gel, letting his brunette locks flop into his eyes.

"Mackenzie looks different!" one fan quickly tweeted, as another posted: "Mack minus his hair gel!"

A third fan chimed in: "Loving the hair Mackenzie!", while another cheekily wondered: "What has Mackenzie done with his hair, is it just pushed forward?"

"Mack is so handsome! I really like him," someone else echoed.

And another fan rather cheekily quipped: "Mackenzie looks different, must have had a wash or summat!"

Plenty more were just simply distracted by how "hot" Mack appeared, with one chiming in: "Mackenzie is so arrogant but he's so hot at the same time!"

Elsewhere in Friday's episode, Sarah finally met up with her heart donor's sister – and had a panic attack as Chloe asked to listen to her late sister Gemma's heart beating in Sarah's chest.

It came after she and Noah found an article about Gemma Harris, who died in a car accident the same day Sarah had her transplant surgery.

But Sarah's family aren't so sure she's doing the right thing after the donor family said they didn't want to meet with her.

Thankfully, Lydia turned up in the nick of time to help Sarah out of the situation, but she was clearly panicking – with some fans even predicting Chloe could turn out to have a rather more sinister motive.

"#Emmerdale looks like Sarah's going to have a stalker!" one fan quickly tweeted, as another followed up: "Another stalker storyline looming? #Emmerdale."

"I think Sarah has got herself a stalker here!" a third fan agreed.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV.

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