Emmerdale viewers outraged as Ellis Chapman makes HUGE U-turn in flirtatious scenes

EMMERDALE viewers were outraged as Ellis Chapman made a HUGE U-turn with Priya Sharma on Tuesday's episode.

Ellis – who is played by Aaron Anthony on the ITV soap – has been growing closer to his ex-girlfriend Belle Dingle over recent weeks.

Ellis and wedding planner Priya have been an on/off item over the past few months.

Viewers have watched Ellis try and support Priya after her burns injury from the survival challenge week, which led to a relapse of her eating disorder.

He previously confessed that Priya was the love of his life and promised to wait for her. But fans quickly pointed out that Ellis appears to have had a change of heart after developing a closer relationship with Belle.

One unhappy viewer wrote: "Thought Priya was the love of Ellis life, and he was going to wait for her! #Emmerdale"

Another posted: "Not feeling Ellis and Belle at all. Ellis should be with Priya."

A third added: "When did Ellis do a complete u turn away from Priya he was still hung up on her a couple weeks ago but now they are acting like him and Belle are star crossed lovers."

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Belle and Ellis have previously dated but their connection was briefly interrupted when Al Chapman's son left the Dales to go to Dubai in 2019.

However, in recent weeks, it appears Belle only has eyes for Ellis once again.

Although they could rekindle their relationship, the Dingles' ongoing feud with Al (Michael Wildman) has complicated things for both young star-crossed lovers.

This week, Belle and Ellis struggle to find time alone to themselves, away from the family drama.

The characters come up with a plan to meet at an B&B but this quickly falls through.

Upon their plan failing, Belle comes to the painful realisation that she may never be able to have fun with Ellis amid the tensions arising.

Al and Cain's personal conflict has only added fuel to the fire.

In a previous Emmerdale episode, Ellis left Belle and Cain's son Kyle for dead in the freezing moors after Priya Sharma called for his help.

Little did he know that he had taken the car keys with him, preventing Belle and Kyle from going home.

The next day, a fuming Cain found his son in hospital and made Ellis pay for his mistake by getting a taste of his own medicine.

But a vengeful Al retaliated with a veiled threat to Kyle, who was suffering pneumonia after spending the night in the cold.

The Dingles are also fighting with Al for The Woolpack with the latter wanting to convert the pub into a block of luxury flats.

The businessman got in touch with a loan shark in order to financially support his project but is now struggling to pay his due.

During Emmerdale's Christmas special, Al took drastic action and set The Woolpack ablaze.

Now Chas and Marlon have been backed into a corner, forced to sell as their insurance claim has been declared void in a recent episode of Emmerdale.

Find out on Emmerdale, which airs every weeknight on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm.

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