Emmerdale to air special Cain and Chas episode that will 'make you cry'

Cain and Chas in Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans are going to have to stock up on Kleenex (other brands are available) as Cain and Chas Dingle (Jeff Hordley and Lucy Pargeter) are facing emotional times.

The brother and sister duo have always looked out for one another; with Cain most recently stepping in to defend Chas when Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) duped her out of the Woolpack.

But in the wake of a secret from their mum Faith (Sally Dexter) being exposed, lives will change forever for the family and boss Laura Shaw has admitted that she cried when watching an upcoming special episode focusing on Cain and Chas.

‘Cain and Chas is our most loved sibling pairing,’ she smiled. ‘They have a lot going on as Faith’s secret from the big week will impact them.

‘We’re about to start shooting a special episode that made me cry. It explores more of their rich history and how their upbringing hugely affects the decisions they make in the present.

‘Beyond this we will certainly see that not all the decisions are good ones.’

It comes as Cain’s brutal battle with Al reaches a huge and devastating crescendo next month.

‘Cain and Al, these two have a huge rivalry that will be explosive, but will they both come away form the week unscathed?

‘Or will something happen that changes the dynamics between these two forever? It’s going to be something big.’

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