Emmerdale spoilers: Noah Tate finds proof Will Taylor is poisoning Kim Tate

NOAH Tate finds proof that Will Taylor is poisoning Kim Tate next week in Emmerdale as she’s found dead.

Will is arrested for Kim’s murder in a shock twist after she confronts him about trying to kill her. 

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Emmerdale viewers know that Kim is currently on a mission to discover who’s been poisoning her at Home Farm.

But next week it seems her search is up as Noah finds diazepam in Will’s toolbox at Home Farm and tells Jamie, who assumes he must be the poisoner.

Later, Jamie searches Woodbine, smiling and taking photos when he finds the toolbox with diazepam inside. 

When Will returns to find him snooping around, Jamie claims he was looking for a screwdriver and rushes off. 

He returns to show Kim the photographic evidence of Will’s diazepam.

Kim is heartbroken by the discovery, but is all as it seems?

Later, Kim confronts Will and demands to know why he has diazepam and he insists it’s to calm his nerves. 

The following day, Kim fills Jamie in on her plan to get Will caught on camera spiking her drink, but Kim’s plan goes disastrously wrong and Jamie later receives a call from Home Farm.

He rushes to Home Farm and is horrified to see Will being arrested and Kim lying lifeless on the floor as a body bag is unzipped ready for her body.

Is Kim really dead?

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